Dare to Stream: Introduction to Streaming 101

Getting Started:

Thinking of what you want your stream to be is important. In doing this, you want to make sure that you are streaming the right thing for you. This should be something you are passionate about. Let's brainstorm first and think of some good ideas. To help, I will give a couple of common options that people tend to use on their stream.

Option 1: Video Game Streaming

The world of video game streaming is truly taking off. This is because of websites like twitch, mixer, youtube and facebook who offer streamers the chance to interact with others easily (and even make some money) while playing their favorite games. This has been a growing field here as of late, and it will continue to grow as people become more familiar with what it means to be a streamer and as it gains more exposure with the masses. Now, the easiest way to stream games is simple. Think of the games you like to play. What are they? Would you like to watch someone else play that game? If so, this would be a perfect place to start.

Right now, there are many games that bring in thousands of views.

The Most Popular Games Include:

The most popular game on the market is Fortnite. Fortnite has streamers who have average viewers in the hundreds of thousands per stream. Video game streaming is not limited to one game. Sports, multiplayer, role playing and open world gamers experience success as well. It is really up to you to make a list of the games you love and decide whether or not video game streaming is for you. I would head on over to twitch and check out some of the top streamers in the games you like, and see if it is something that interests you!

Option 2: Stream an Activity

Streaming is not limited to video games. There are people who stream literally almost anything. For example, there are some very popular streamers who simply stream whenever they are eating food from different restaurants. Imagine gaining a following and extra income from going to good restaurants and eating good food. Wouldn't that be cool? Some other popular options are working out and cooking. There are a lot of streamers who take to the kitchen to do a cooking stream. This has mass appeal to people as everyone is generally in the market for preparing good food for themselves. Take this option for what it is. Find something that you are good at, or something that you enjoy doing and think about how you could stream these activities. Would people tune in to watch you create a kitchen table from scratch? Maybe people would like to watch your gym adventures. Maybe you want to create your own talk show on today's issues. Anything you can think of could likely have a streaming application. It is up to you to find your passion and show it to the world!


Here is a cool stat from a twitch article about monetizing your stream account:

Twitch may have started as a basic service for streaming and viewing video game gameplay but it's quickly become a legitimate source of income for many users with several of the more-popular Twitch users earning well above the average household income each month.
You can read the rest of the money article here